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India a land rich in traditions, a melting pot of ancient civilizations, is unique in itself. Given its history, it would be surprising if Indian cuisine had remained untouched by the hands of time. The variety and range of food in India is unbelievable. It varies from region to region and can amaze any cuisine connoisseur. Indian food gets its characteristic taste, subtlety, and aroma from the country's vast reservoir of herbs & spices. Many of which have various proven medicinal health benefits, notwithstanding their flavor enhancing qualities.

It's a misconception that all Indian food is hot and spicy but rather all spices can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual palates. 'The Tandoor' (an oven made of earth, heated by charcoal fire) came from The Moghul Empire when they ruled India from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Tandoori Cuisine known for its rich, yet robust, subtle yet at other times strong flavors, is mostly identified with the Northern Indian State of Punjab. An agricultural land of richness, abundance & vibrancy famously known as the 'Food Bowl of India'. Every dish is a feast in itself, recreated exactly as eaten in a North Indian home by our highly skilled & experienced chefs. Welcome to Best of India.


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